"Did you say write a poem?!"

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Our SUPER Super Mario Family!

photos by Mineralblu
You can see more (including creation of the prosthetics/ costumes) on our Facebook Page!


金木研 -  トーキョーグール

Wowowowowowow I managed to do my first cosplay this year, I’m pretty excited since, as some of you might know, I’m pretty much into creepy and disturbing things!

Anyhow hope you enjoy these as much as I do! 


I just noticed that I haven’t shared any pictures of my oppulent Belle photoshooting at Castle Solitude yet! There you go, I hope you like it!

Prince Adam - Naraku Brock
Belle - Aigue-Marine

Photo + Edit by B1NH Photography


Zidane | Garnet | Steiner | Freya | Vivi


2014 “Magical Girl” Acrylic paint, Canvas F10 17.91x20.86

exhibition work
"Magical Girl Heroines: Sailor Moon and sailor senshi"

Making video :) / Canvas art “Magical Girl”

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