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Parejas favoritas de Legue of Legends <3


"All we have to do is stay in this pillow fort for the next nine months, and we’ll be fine!" >lc


Vel’Koz is a nice guy. Please be gentle with him. =)


Here some close up and progress pic’s of Zero and Cent :)!
Cent still needs to be finished though.
They’ll both be ready to wear again in two weeks!


Iori Tomita - New World Transparent Specimens (2005-)

Fisherman-turned-artist in Yokohama City, Japan, Tomita creates art using the skeletons of various dead marine specimens, which he preserves and then colors with bright shades of dye.

The process strips down each creature to the toughest parts of its remains and Tomita has dyed more than 5,000 dead creatures since 2005, which is amazing, considering each piece takes at least a few weeks to complete, and some up to a year.

"Although these are just transparent specimens, they’re filled with the drama of organisms which I have so much love for. I want people to enjoy the beauty of life, treat life with respect and understand that there is drama happening that is not centered on themselves when they look at the specimens. These specimens which you see here are actually animals that have died for some some reason or whose carcasses were discarded from pet shops or fishermen. I use those animals which passed away and repurpose them."

Alice: Madness Returns

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